New Sketch!!!

Sooooo soorrryyyy guys!!! Exams exams exams…… Anyways this pic is made by my (*cringe*) LOVELY sister , Ayona. And the lady in the pic is our all time fave….the one and the only…(*drumroll please*) Ruby Rose!!!!

Dark Queen P2

Hey guys! First of all a veyyyy happy new year 2021 to you guys! So for New Year gift the poem that ended in a clifffhanger is finally complete! Enjoy!! ○○●○○●○○●○○●○○ A queen once ruled our landsA queen who was wise and smart A dark queen, a warrior queen With the purest of hearts.It wasContinue reading “Dark Queen P2”

In progress

Goodness…😫😫 I’m feeling so embarrassed rn….I thought I took d pic! But I guess I exited before it got loaded… thnx for informing Krips🤧

The Silent Assassin

An ode to Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff that I wrote in 6th grade😁 ▪☆▪☆▪☆▪☆▪☆▪☆▪☆▪☆▪ Little boy thinks he is a GodWhen the girl falls on her knees.She’s lost , he thinks;But she still had a dagger up her sleeve. Red hair and a black suitShe had a gun point to her lipsA beauty dancingContinue reading “The Silent Assassin”

Oldest poems😍

Hey guys! so today while i was learning my dance syllabus, i saw a poem on Rani Laxmi Bai, the Queen of Jhansi. And I was awed….literally my jaw was hanging down. So I thought I could make a compilation of the world’s oldest poems…so here you go. ☆•☆•☆•☆•☆•☆•☆•☆•☆•☆•☆•☆•☆ No longer mourn for me whenContinue reading “Oldest poems😍”


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